Webflow Showcase Experience

I had the opportunity to work closely with the Webflow team to rethink their existing showcase experience. The current experience was separated into two different areas of the site, the goal was to consolidate these areas and to effectively allow for navigation/search. The possbilities of using Webflow are endless, this was something we not only had to tell users but also allow them to experience first hand. We also organized the curated examples on the Showcase tab by industry in order to display relevant examples to the users.



Finding the Right Solution

  • Is the solution solving the business objective?
  • Considering the audience, what solution would resonate best with them?
  • What sort of emotions should the particular solution evoke?
  • How is the overall experience navigating the content?
  • Will the user be able to easily find what they’re looking for?


Let the Content Shine

Allow the content to shine, strip the page of only the bare necessities so that experience is focused on the breadth and depth of Webflow and not the actual design of the page.

However, there are other examples of where we can take a different approach (Interactions 2.0), yet in the context of and the showcase experience we should allow the curated content to inform our users and educate them on the possibilities by providing real-life examples.



Brand Attributes

It’s important to note that the proposed solution that I landed on not only focused on increasing engagement and retainment on but it also looks to instill a sense of emotion of the Webflow brand. The visual language of this iteration is intentionally not inherent of the visual language of Webflow.



Final Thoughts

Considering the timeline of about two weeks, we were able to ideate on a few different ways in which the Showcase experience could not only increase engagement but also appeal to the likes of designers, developers, and even PM's. As of now, the experience includes a swift introduction to the MVP, hand-curated examples of the possibilities of Webflow, and the ability to search by industry relevant content.

Now that the experience is consolidated into one place, with multiple entry points to learn about the product and how to use it – it's likely that conversion rates in regards to signups will have a positive impact due to the changes that have been worked through. There are some areas that need some more time and consideration, but for such a quick turnaround I was excited about the amount of ideas that we came up with.